How to resize partition on Windows Server 2003?

What if you want to resize partition on Windows Server 2003?

After using Windows Server 2003 for a period of time, the system partition may run out of space and the computer may work slowly. At this point, you need to choose a right server partition manager software to enlarge your server system partition. Then this article will introduce you a very professional server partition manager software: EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition. It manages Windows Server partition fast and stably. You may perform basic and advanced server partition operations on your servers without data loss.

Why to choose EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition?

The server computers for its security and secrecy are most important in a company. Its faster CPU, more plentiful RAM and larger hard drives are exactly advantages over other normal computers. The choice of a software to install on the server computer is deliberate. Some unreliable software might destroy all valued data during the process of resizing server partition under Windows Server 2003 Operating System. However, EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition does everything as it promised, every advanced function-resizing/ moving system partition, creating/deleting partitions and formatting partitions will be perfectly safe if absolutely according to the rule.

The following is the introduction of detailed functions:

How to resize Windows Server 2003 partition with EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition?

First, launch EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition. Select the partition needed to be resized.

resize/move partition with EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition
resize/move partition with EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition

The disk diagram shows the current size of all the partitions, free space of each partition and all unallocated space. The minimum and maximum sizes that you can resize partition on Windows Server 2003 depend on the free space within and surrounding the partition. If the free space is not enough as you want under your Windows Server 2003 Operating System, get all the free space together besides your server 2003 partition to be resized. After that, position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle and drag the handle to the partition size you want. The last step, click "Apply" to apply the changes. You would have a resized E: drive.

This latest EaseUS Partition Maser Server Edition now supports: Windows 2000 Server SP4; Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4; Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard Edition; and Windows Server 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition, Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit). More detailed steps: How to Resize Windows 2003 Server Partitions?

Do not forget to back up your server in case of disasters! EaseUS Todo Backup Server, the comprehensive server backup & recovery software, will protect your business from disasters and ensure business continuity.

  • Fast and easily back up operating system and all important files.
  • Advanced backup scheduler and incremental backups.
  • Universal restore, WinPE bootable disk and much more.

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